Breizh Kontell Forged Blade

- Z100 stainless steel blade

- Argentan hilt and brass inner plates

- Z20CI3 steel hinge

- Optional guilloche decoration/ engraving

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95,00 €


Precious wood or horn, hand-carved only.
Switchblade system with "poncette" guard: the blade is not blunted by repeated opening and closing.

Seafarers will appreciate the ergonomic design and precise blade.
The hinge bears the Breton ermine, heraldic emblem of this proud region.
Handle available in French wood, horn or various exotic woods, offering a broad array of colours and textures.

The 10cm blade is the standard format, practical and versatile, while the 8cm blade gives a small, elegant, more discreet knife.

This knife has been featured at the Lorient Celtic Festival since 1994, and the major sailing festivals held in Brest every 4 years.

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