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- Z100 stainless steel blade

- Inner plates

- Z20CI3 steel hinge

- Acacia handle

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85,00 €


- Z100 stainless steel blade with high carbon content: the scrolling motif on the back of the blade are a nod to the masons’ ceremonial swords.
- Stainless steel hilt and inner plates: the cruciform butt is a reference one of the most ancient Masonic symbols, and also recalls the handle of the sword carried by illustrious Freemason the Marquis de Lafayette.
- Z20C13 steel hinge with hand-carved Guilloche work, representing the 7 symbolic triangles: the figure 4 represents the Earth, 3 represents Heaven and 7 stands for the Universe.
- Hand-carved Acacia handle, a wood prized for its permanence.

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