Our story: the people, the passion…


Since 2004 L’Atelier des Couteaux has taken pride in creating the most elegant blades on the market, inspired by our heritage and tradition but not without a touch of modern flair.


Founded in 2004in Tulle (Corrèze), the success of L’Atelier des Couteaux is a story of people and passion. It all started when the company’s founder set out to create a folding knife which would fit easily into his pocket, would be beautiful to look at and, above all, would be an object of superior quality. He

was inspired by the memory of his first ever pocket knife, presented to him by his grandfather as a family rite of passage, marking his entry into adulthood.
And so the Corrèze model was born. Since then L’Atelier des Couteaux has never stopped growing... like a big family.

We take great pride in imagining, designing and crafting knives that meet our own exacting standards. Knives steeped in history and tradition.


Our greatest asset? Our range of regional collections, drawing inspiration from the traditions and cultural heritage of our terroirs: Breizh Kontell (Britanny), Elsass (Alsace), L’Occitan (Languedoc), Corrèze (Corrèze) etc. All of our models are protected by registered trademarks, guaranteeing their quality and authenticity.


Atelier des couteaux


To meet the demands of connoisseurs and collectors, our skilled knife-makers can also craft unique, made-to-measure blades.

L’Atelier was an immediate success, and over the last decade we have been fortunate enough to attract numerous high-profile clients including Presidents François Hollande and Jacques Chirac, Hillary Clinton, Stephane Bern and singer Pierre Perret.