Tradition reimagined by our knife-makers

Expert craftsmen with years of experience, our master knife-makers imbue each and every piece with life and meaning. Constantly refining their techniques, the collections they have created pay tribute to the noble tradition of knife-making.


Innovative or traditional, inspired by regional motifs or specific uses (sailing, Freemasonry), each and every one of our knives is hand crafted by an expert knife-maker with well-honed marquetry skills and an instinctive understanding of luxury materials.


Atelier des couteaux


The man behind the knife

Designed and crafted in our workshop in Tulle, each one of our knives is a unique creation. Each and every one is the work of a master knife-maker, who can vouch for the quality of his creation. We believe that a human touch and decades of experience will always trump machine-working, which is why our craftsmen are our most valuable tools.


Atelier des couteaux


Skill and attention to detail

Fabrication, marquetry, guilloche-work, decoration, engraving, sharpening... Each step in the production process requires patience, meticulous attention to detail and great expertise, in order to bring out the ‘soul of the knife’. We are committed to putting quality before quantity, and every knife we produce is subject to rigorous checks. We guarantee that all of our products are free from fabrication defects.