Qualité des matériaux

The art of rare materials

To produce knives of superior elegance and refinement, we take great care to identify only the finest raw materials. Our handles are sculpted from a variety of French and exotic woods, with special collectors’ pieces crafted from a selection of rare, precious natural materials.

Since founding the company in 2004 we have devoted special attention to selecting the perfect raw materials for our knives, using only the finest woods and natural substances. Our goal is to make each knife a work of art and a paragon of the rich tradition of knife-making.


The rare beauty of exotic woods

Pistachio, olive, apple tree… not forgetting oak, birch, boxwood and yew: the handles of our knives are sculpted from woods known for their fine grains and rich colours. Some of the rarer pieces have handles sculpted from more exotic materials such as ebony, snakewood and lignum vitae, woods prized for their elegance and strength. We also work with aromatic woods such as juniper and Lebanon Cedar.


Ivory and Zebu horn: rare, precious materials

We also produce a handful of special edition pieces using rare, precious materials such as zebu horn, warthog tooth and ivory from elephants or even woolly mammoths. These are primarily collectors’ pieces, exclusive creations which our master knife-makers work on every Friday.


Atelier des couteauxAtelier des couteaux


Isn’t ivory illegal?

Contrary to popular belief the sale of ivory is perfectly legal, but subject to very strict conditions: the ivory must have been imported to France before February 1976, and declared to the local Prefecture to obtain a special permit. The ivory which we use in our workshop comes from the tusks of elephants that died in the 1950s. The traceability of the ivory has been firmly proven, and we have all of the official permits required to work with this rare material.